Yakima County highway projects not getting as much funding

YAKIMA COUNTY, Wash. -- Highway projects in Yakima County aren't getting as much funding as they used to. Washington State Department of Transportation says the limited money is used mainly on emergency repairs.

DOT spent $50 million on Yakima County road projects a couple years ago. That included the roundabouts in Union Gap. $15 million was spent last year and half as much is expected this year.

DOT's regional administrator believes it's not a good practice to rely on the gas tax as a way of funding transportation projects.

"The legislature's going to have to come out with a different way that can keep us up with inflation so we can maintain these roadways at a level that the people expect," said WSDOT Regional Administrator Don Whitehouse.

Priority projects include widening I-82 to between North First Street and Yakima Avenue. As well as adding lanes on State Route 24 between University Parkway and Moxee.