Yakima continues snow cleanup on neighborhood streets

YAKIMA, Wash. -- Yakima is still digging out from Saturday's record snow. There's a good chance your street is still covered.

Like a lot of you, Jim Statler had a rough time getting his car moving on the street outside his house.

"It's tough," said Jim. "You got to be very careful cause the driveways are such like mine, I had to just dig out."

He waits anxiously for his street to be plowed.

"I've been stuck here before," said Jim. "Yesterday, I had to shovel out."

It's a gradual process around Yakima. The Streets and Traffic Department said all the primary arteries have been plowed.

It's now up to contractors to go through the quieter neighborhood streets. They've been on the job since Sunday night. But, there are only three doing the work. Yakima hired six last year to clear the snow.

"What would it be like if this wasn't plowed?" KIMA asked.

"Very slick," said Jim. "Very dangerous. A lot more than it is already."

Selah, Union Gap, Grandview and Wapato said they're mostly done with snow cleanup. Zillah said it will keep plowing for the next couple of days.

But, the snow isn't just a problem for drivers. Heather Muller said her son fell three times walking to class.

"He came home in pain," said Heather. "I told him he's not going to go back to school until they clean the grounds."

KIMA learned the Yakima and Sunnyside School Districts started snow removal over the weekend. Union Gap said it usually begins cleaning up before school starts, but wasn't able to finish until after kids already reported to class.

Yakima's budget to handle the snow is just shy of $400,000. The city doesn't have an estimate for how much has been spent so far. Yakima said it hopes to have all the streets cleared by Tuesday morning.