Yakima community comes together to donate for foster kids

Yakima community comes together to donate for foster kids

YAKIMA, Wash.- High schools all over Washington hold a state wide conference and this year it will be held at Eisenhower. Along with the yearly event, students take on a community service project. This year a non profit organization that helps children transition into foster care was selected. Teytum's Gifts provides foster kids with items ranging from backpacks to clothes to help kids adjust better to their new home.

"My family decided to do foster care, and we saw lots of kids coming into our home without any belongings, and sometimes they didn't even have shoes on," said by one of the Founders of Taytum's Gifts Stacey Benedetti.

The Benedetti's founded Teytum's Gifts four years ago after they adopted their son Teytum.

"We are foster parents and we are also public school teachers. We see the need and we knew that we could do something about it," Said Benedetti.

Over 1,000 kids are participating and all of the high schools in Yakima County have taken on this fundraiser since March of last year.

"It feels really good especially since there is such a need for it. I don't think people realize how many kids actually are in foster care," said by West Valley High School student Karly Monteith.

There are 700 kids in Yakima County that are in foster care, and often not enough housing for them to go to. Stacy says the families shes met have greatly appreciated the donations.

"The first child that I had was five and she came on a Sunday night, in the middle of the night scared out of her mind and they brought her with one of these backpacks. There was blankets, pillows, toys and it was just incredible. She was instantly a lot more comfortable," said by Diana who is a foster mom.

The Benedetti's put together at least 300 backpacks to give to foster kids and this year their goal is to give every county in the state of Washington 26 backpacks.

"It's been a blessing, a huge blessing and it's awesome. I'm amazed at what one family can do," said Diana.

For more information about Teytum's Gifts you can visit here.

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