Yakima City Council candidates are answering the public's questions

Yakima City Council candidates are answering the public's questions

YAKIMA, Wash. -- Yakima City Council candidates are expressing their opinions and letting the public question them about issues that matter to the citizens of Yakima.

A Yakima City Council candidates forum took place at city hall with six of the candidates representing districts 2, 4 and 6.

The Forward Yakima Initiative Group or FYIG hosted today’s forum. This is their 15th year putting these forums together.

Dave Kirby from FYIG says they wanted to put this forum together because they want the people to have a clear view of who they are voting for.

“We look at it as a very educational time for the public to learn about the candidates. Ballots will be dropping in the mail sometime in the next week and a half so it’s great that folks can hear about some of these candidates and these issues that they’re voting on," said Kirby.

The forum started off with opening statements from the six candidates and then the candidates were asked questions from FYIG and the audience.

Some of the questions asked were how money would be used for certain projects, If they support the downtown plaza or not and what their thoughts were on a strong mayor system.

The question that caught most of the public’s attention was the one asking the candidates what they thought about the strong mayor system.

Most of the candidates said they did not believe in the strong mayor system but they also said people should be able to vote on it to decide.

David Briggs who attended the forum says he was mostly satisfied with the answers the candidates were giving but he felt like he wanted the candidates to elaborate more on some questions especially the one of the strong mayor system.

“I would like for the candidates to look at that and really explain their standing a little more and why they want to go that way," said Briggs.

A more in depth discussion on the strong mayor system took place right after the candidate forum.

Full videos of the discussions are available at the city of Yakima’s page.

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