Yakima car sales are climbing

YAKIMA, Wash. -- You may see that the roads were more crowded out in Yakima. KIMA spoke with some car dealerships and they said more people have been buying cars these past couple of years. Toyota in Yakima said they've had a 40 percent increase in sales from 2011 to 2012. They've been selling about 80 to 100 new cars a month. Subaru in Yakima said sales jumped over 30 percent last year. They're already ordering new inventory in January because cars were selling quick.

"It's more of a practical purchase. I think people are just wiser to the selection process than they ever have been now," said Subaru General Manager, Mark Prater.

Dealerships said financing plans had been bringing people in to buy cars. And the used car market was strong which was also appealing to car shoppers.