Yakima Canyon double murder case stalling?

KITTITAS COUNTY, Wash. -- The gruesome discovery of Yakima natives Ryan Pederson and Michael Eby murdered in the backseat and trunk of a car wasn't your average murder scene.

"There's just so many unanswered questions right now. None of us know what's going on," said Pederson family friend Gregg Frazier.

During an interview two weeks ago, Frazier said the family was being left in the dark.

In a follow up Thursday with KIMA, Frazier said he and the family still didn't know much.

Despite many unanswered questions surrounding the double murder in the Yakima Canyon, investigators have gone quiet.

KIMA sat down with Kittitas County Sheriff Gene Dana to break the silence.

"It's been nearly two weeks and nothing significant released. Has this investigation hit a roadblock?" KIMA asked.

"Not really, a lot of times you're developing leads through DNA & forensics evidence and things like that," said Kittitas County Sheriff Gene Dana. "So, we're waiting for reports to come back and doing a lot of interviews."

Sheriff Dana calls the case a top priority and says detectives are still developing leads.

"Should people be concerned that there's a murderer lose in the community?" KIMA asked.

"I think that this is a very isolated incident," said Sheriff Dana. "Yakima victims, probably Yakima suspects, we're not sure yet."

An isolated event in an isolated place that still hit close to home for many around Yakima.

"I just couldn't believe that it happened to him," said Frazier.

While family and friends wait for more information, Mike Pederson says his son's body was released by the Kittitas County coroner.

KIMA's calls to Eby's family were not returned.

Sheriff Gene Dana say detectives are discussing whether any information about the case can be released this week.