WSP: Changing road conditions could mean more crashes

YAKIMA COUNTY, Wash. -- A single car accident around 8:30 this morning on the I-82 just north of Selah left a camper in ruins. Wet pavement, oil, and speeding cars are a recipe for disaster when the weather turns cold. That's exactly what happened Saturday morning when a trailer flipped over on eastbound I-82.

"Anytime it rains after it hasn't for a long time there's a buildup of oil and other matter on the road and drivers aren't used to it. Driving on dry pavement here for a long time especially here in Eastern Washington with wet conditions-it's going to make the asphalt more slick than it typically is," said Washington State Trooper Jason Barry.

However, this ugly scene didn't seem to worry other drivers on the road, who were still cruising past the crash scene. In our time at the crash scene, Action News witnessed two other near accidents because drivers refused to slow down.

"November is a big weather changing month-I wouldn't be surprised to see an increased number of crashes due to weather conditions," said Trooper Barry.

And the closer we get to the holidays, the more we'll see travelers on the roads.

"More cars on the road and when the weather conditions are bad, it's a recipe for crashes," said Trooper Barry.

It's why WSP is reminding the motoring public to make sure your car is ready to handle these changing road conditions whether it's all-season tires or chains.

"The weather changes really fast around here you never know when its going to be icy or wet and even though it is just wet-it is going to be slick. Always a good idea to reduce your speed and increase your following distance," said Trooper Barry.

It's better to err on the side of caution. Otherwise, you might end up in a situation similar to this. While that camper may be a complete loss, those involved in the accident are fortunate to have walked away without any injuries.