Would you like fries with that? Permits given for new McDonald's in downtown Yakima

YAKIMA, Wash. -- Realtors say it's all about location..location..location.
If you head downtown, Yakima Avenue is prime location for any business as the city continues to develop.
Plans to build a new McDonalds on Yakima Ave have been in the works for some time now.

The corner of Yakima Avenue and First street will soon be the new site of a McDonald's. Although site approval had already been granted, the new owners just received their permits from the city for the new restaurant.

However, plans to build a McDonald's at this prominent downtown intersection, did not come with approval from everyone.

"Initially I was a little reluctant, I'm not a big consumer of McDonald's. I don't think it necessarily makes the town more beautiful, but we need something to bring people in," said Lehman Hires, who lives in Yakima.

Some of the major concerns the city had with putting a McDonald's on this corner is how it would affect traffic and how it would fit in with our downtown historic district.

Some felt that other types of restaurants may have given a better match.

"I just think Yakima is lacking so much in just local food and activity options," said Hires.

The building however will try to blend in with its surrounding by being made out of bricks.

"I'm always down for the historic look. I actually really like the historic sites in Yakima, but yeah that will fit in just fine especially with the brick streets," said Kenneth Jones, who lives in Yakima.

Traffic engineers still need to make a decision if they will put a barrier island in the street to restrict traffic, or if they will monitor the site first.

The next step in the process for the owners is to work with the department of Ecology and get a demolition permit.

The owners hope to have the building completed before the cold weather comes, which gives them a small window to stay on track.