Worst intersections for Yakima drivers

YAKIMA, Wash. -- KIMA is keeping an eye on your family's safety.
That includes your safety on the streets.
We looked at the intersections in Yakima where you're most likely to get in an accident.

Drivers would rather people be less aggressive on our local roads.

"When you drive you should be in the most compassionate, centered place that you could possibly be with your death machine," said Tiamaria Strong, a Yakima driver.

Tiamaria Strong has been making the commute from Chinook Pass to Yakima for seven years.
She has noticed the added traffic in that time.

"It's much worse now than it ever was before. The level of traffic we have in town is ridiculous, and you have to obviously deal with population growth, but at the same time people are becoming less patient with each other," said Strong.

KIMA pulled the numbers and found the most dangerous intersections for the first part of this year in Yakima.
First Street and Washington Avenue saw 14 collisions between January and June.
That's about one every other week.
40th Avenue and Nob Hill Boulevard had a dozen accidents in that time.
And First Street and Nob Hill saw ten.

Yakima says these intersections aren't inherently dangerous in their design, it's just that they're some of the most traveled.
Police are trying to improve the problem by adding patrols, updating traffic signs and lights, and trying to limit access to driveways.
This could include adding islands to only allow turns one way.
It might help Tiamaria have an easier drive.

"There's no way to make it through the day and not have those moments of anxiety and frustration with your other fellow drivers," said Strong.

A big picture plan could mean added turn lanes.
This often requires a mix of federal and state grants.
Nob Hill Boulevard and Fair Avenue might be on the list to get these grants.