Woman on movie shooting: 'I guess nothing is really safe now'

UNION GAP, Wash. -- Police believe the Thursday night shooting was a targeted, isolated incident. There's no indication the movie theater is a dangerous place. Despite that, a lot of people are saying they feel unsafe to go there.

Flashing lights, rooftop searches and horror. It's action you might expect to see in a movie, but not outside a theater. It's why nerves are high in Union Gap.

"I wouldn't go there at all," said Union Gap visitor, Veronica Molina.

"I guess nothing is really safe now," said moviegoer Judy Velazquez.

Judy and friend Llesenia Ramos planned to see a movie Friday but had second thoughts.

"It's really sad that something like that can happen at a public place where you should be able to go and have fun with your family, and now something like this goes on," said Llensenia. "It does concern me about going somewhere like that."

It's a thought echoed by mother-to-be Veronica.

"It's just sad," she said. "And it's scary."

Scared and maybe a little nervous, but Veronica and the others don't blame the Majestic. Neither do police. The theater itself is another innocent victim of circumstance.

It's the latest reminder Union Gap is not immune to violence.

KIMA called the owners of the Majestic Theater. They did not release a statement or want to comment. Fridays movies are playing as scheduled.