Woman claims gang sergeant visited her while on duty

YAKIMA, Wash. -- New information is coming to light surrounding the activity of Yakima Police Sergeant Erik Hildebrand. The sergeant is now the subject of a third internal investigation in two years.

A woman told KIMA that Hildebrand used to stop by her house regularly when he was supposed to be working.

This woman contacted KIMA soon after we posted our first story about Yakima Gang Sgt. Erik Hildebrand on Facebook. She asked us to hide her identity.

The woman we call "Nancy" says she spent time with Hildebrand in the spring of 2007.

"About midnight, 1 a.m.," she said. "He would call and say he was on a call in my area and wanted to know of it was okay if he stopped by and chatted."

She claimed Hildebrand came over while on duty in his police car and uniform over a two-month span.

"You're not doing an investigation at 2 a.m. watching TV with me," she said.

Nancy said she never told police because she feared repercussions at the time. She said our report compelled her to come forward now.

"I'm not the type of person that would say things and I've decided I should," she said. "I guarantee there's there's a lot of other women, or girls, who knows what age. out there, that things have happened to, and because of his high power will never say anything that happened."

Action News doesn't know if there are more woman out there. That had some of you asking how much of your tax dollars are being spent on this.

Both YPD and Interim City Manager Michael Morales declined our request for an interview until the investigation was over. But Mr. Morales did send me a text message early that said, "Our time and cost have all been with internal resources. No special consultants or attorneys. It takes time because it has to be done right for both parties' sake."

Sgt. Hildebrand remains on paid leave at a salary of more than $85,000 a year. Morales says he still gets his money because there's no punishment against him.

KIMA tried contacting Sergeant Hildebrand for this story. We did not get a response.

Credible sources said the sergeant is out of state getting treatment.