Woman, 73, duct-taped, dragged by hair in robbery

WASHOUGAL, Wash. - Police are looking for two men who they said dragged a 73-year-old woman by her hair and used duct tape to tie her up while they robbed her home in Washougal Tuesday night.

It happened in the 3200 block of 37th Court at around 8:45 p.m.

Police said the woman was home alone when her doorbell rang. A man at her door asked her if she had seen his dog, when a second man suddenly appeared and knocked her to the floor. The men used duct tape to tie her up while they dragged her by her hair into another room of the house.

The victim, who has not been identified, was able to free herself after several minutes and tried to call 911, but her phone wasn't working. She ran to a neighbor's house where she called police.

"She was very upset and hysterical," said neighbor Stu Ager. "She was saying they were going to kill me. We brought her in immediately and called 911."

The woman said both men spoke English and a Slavic language that she thought was Russian. She described the man who rang her doorbell as a "clean-cut" white man in his teens or early 20s, who spoke with an eastern European accent. Police said she didn't get a good look at the second suspect, but told them he was taller than the other man, he wore a hood and possibly wore a mask.

Police said they believe theft was the motive of the attack. It's unclear what was stolen from the home.

"It was unbelievable, we just couldn't believe it was happening next door," said Ager. "This is a very nice neighborhood, well lit, nothing like this has ever happened here, so you don't expect it."

The suspects likely left the area several minutes before the 911 call, police said.

Washougal police are encouraging neighbors to call 911 if a suspicious stranger is at the door.

"Half the time our job is just to identify who's out there - a vehicle, a person in the street - just to find out who's in our town," said Officer Kate Tierney, Washougal Police spokeswoman.

Anyone with information about the robbery or the suspects is asked to call Detective Zane Freschette at 360-835-8701.