Witnesses testify at Dylan Dixon's murder trial

Witnesses testify at Dylan Dixon's murder trial

YAKIMA, Wash. - Day two of Dylan Dixon’s murder trial. He is facing charges of second degree murder for killing John Barrett on November 6, 2016.

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Dixon confronted Barrett at The Depot, a Yakima homeless service, and asked Barrett about a car he was working on that belonged to Dixon, according to court papers. The argument escalated and Dixon shot Barrett because he feared Barrett was going to hit him with a hammer, according to police reports.

Dixon said he acted in self-defense.

Witnesses took the stand on Monday afternoon, including John Verhal who said he was less than 20 feet from where Barrett was shot.

“John walked by me and went over to where his toolbox was and I was five feet away from him, and he pulled out a spare hammer, walked toward the end of the bed and that's where he got shot,” he said.

Verhal is a homeless man who frequents The Depot and he said he was there to talk with Barrett that day.

Another witness, Gabriel Rodriguez said he was at The Depot because food was being distributed when he noticed two men arguing over a truck.

“When I heard that gunshot, that's when he fell and Dixon had the gun on him and I didn't see him shoot him but I saw the gun in his hand,” he said.

Rodriguez said people were shouting at Dixon to leave before police arrived and Dixon left the scene.

Yakima Police Officer Mark Williams was on patrol that day and said he responded to the call of a man shot at The Depot.

“Once I cleared the group of people away from John, I could see some blood was coming out of his mouth, his eyes were partially opened and I didn't see any signs of life,” he said. "I thought he was possibly deceased at that time."

Williams said he secured the scene and began performing CPR on Barrett before he died.

The trial will continue tomorrow and is expected to last about 10 days.

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