'Why do I weigh 955 pounds?'

TRI-CITIES, Wash. - Working out more often and eating right, resolutions most of us think about this time of year. For some, even the thought of getting into shape may seem impossible.

John Gage said, "Why do I weigh 955 pounds?"

He finally asked himself this question seven years ago. He would lose his breath after walking 20 steps. For him, going up stairs was impossible. He could hardly walk.

John was living on fast food and not exercising. His blood pressure through the roof. He was, by all accounts, slowly dying.

"Really, a scale that's designed for cattle, that's how I weighed myself, that's how I knew," he said.

Still,John wasn't sure how to go about losing weight. Taking small steps, like changing his diet, wasn't doing the job.

"I need to lose weight so I'm going to eat 3 sausage McMuffins instead of 4," he said.

Due to John's size and health restrictions he wasn't able to join the gym right off the bat. He had to start his weight loss journey using other methods.

He was doing all he could on his own but he hit a wall. It seems he stopped losing weight once he hit 500 pounds.

With the help of a clinic in Kennewick, John got the jump start he was looking for with hormone treatments that cause abnormal fat cells to burn. It's a natural process that has helped him lose over a hundred pounds since August.

John can now do things he's used to struggle with, like tying his own shoes and crossing his legs, even seeing his toes for the first time in years.

More importantly, his doctor has taken him off some of his blood pressure medication. He and his wife, Joci are now, officially on the road to better health.

"We're going to be smaller at the age 50 than at the age of 20 when we got married," he said.

John tells KEPR that he is just 50 pounds shy of his goal weight hoping to get down to 350 before he can start an exercise routine.