What's in your trunk?

YAKIMA, Wash. -- What's in your trunk?

"Not too much in there," said Austin.
"Sweatshirt and a snow scraper," said Cindy.
"I have a flashlight underneath here," said Russ.
"Jumper cables, spotlight," said John.

For folks like Austin Bowers, not keeping emergency supplies in his car could be costly. When he had his car towed, it was pricey.

"It cost nearly a thousand dollars after everything was said and done," said Austin.

And the costs weren't the only thing that was a nuisance. You could've found yourself waiting in your car for hours.

"You have to wait sometimes over two hours for triple A or someone to get you," said Austin.

Drivers who weren't prepared with emergency items were likely to pay about 60 dollars for a basic response bill. Towing companies KIMA spoke with in Yakima said they got about ten calls a day for roadside assistance.

"Most drivers only carry one essential emergency item. But if you want to be safer and save on your roadside bills, you may want to carry more items like a jumper cable and an emergency kit," said Reporter.

In addition, it's smart to have road flares, a flashlight, blanket, windshield scraper, and a spare tire.

"You never know when you're going to be stuck someplace with a dead battery," said John.

Generally, it only costs a few extra dollars to add roadside assistance to your car insurance. Which could save you big if you don't carry emergency supplies.