What would you do with little to no water?

YAKIMA, Wash. -- "We have a little trickle, but no water," said June Barren.

More than 80 homes in North Acres Mobile Home Park had been dealing with this since Thursday. June Barren said the same thing happened last year and it took three months to fix. She's frustrated she couldn't keep her house clean.

"As you can see in my sink, waiting to be washed and no water," said June.

The low water pressure didn't allow her to do anything and her chores kept piling up.

"Tomorrow is Christmas. I mean I don't want to go to my relatives looking like this without a shower," said June.

Her only option was to take showers at her granddaughter's house. KIMA took this to the water department in Yakima. The city said it checked out the problem three times. It turned out there was a leak underground. Because the leak was on the owner's side of the meter, the city couldn't do anything about it. The mobile home park's manager said she's dealing with the problem.

"We think there's some kind of blockage, but we're working on it," said manager Sarah Purdy. "We've been working on it since Friday."

A leak detection company is expected to fix it on Wednesday at noon. The manager said she passed out notices to let neighbors know what's going on.