West Valley School District encouraging voters to send in ballots for $81 million bond

YAKIMA, Wash.--West Valley School District leaders are hoping for a final push in returned ballots for their upcoming bond vote.

The district has 19,000 registered voters who will decide on their $81 million bond.

The bond would replace Apple Valley elementary, Summitview elementary and modernize the junior high school.

District leaders say regardless of how you vote, it's important to have your voice heard.

"We're doing a lot of statistics. We want to make sure people remember to get out and vote," said superintendent Mike Brophy.

"Exercise your right as a citizen. There's one way I would prefer people would vote but we want people to make sure they vote," he added.

The final day to turn in your ballot is Tuesday.

You can either drop it off at the county courthouse or have it postmarked by the February 14 and mailed in.

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