West Valley fighting videos: 'He was pounding on my temples. He broke my nose.'

YAKIMA, Wash.-- A case of extreme bullying that seems like a scene out of the movie "Fight Club" is happening among students in West Valley. Videos of fights have been posted on YouTube for years.

"He was pounding on my temples," Mike said. "He broke my nose."

Mike describes what it was like to get beaten up in the video. Julie Kramer saw it for the first time last week after a school counselor told her that her son was in a fight posted on YouTube.

"I'm angry," Kramer said. "My son got a broken nose and a concussion from this."

In this case, several West Valley High School students watched the fight at a nearby creek. Mike, as we're calling him, blames the beating he took on peer pressure.

"They wouldn't let me go," he said. "They kept on circling me around."

Bystanders stood and laughed. At one point, Mike was on the ground unable to do anything and the crowd called for more.

They said "don't stop, don't stop".

"Every time I took a step, I kept on slipping," Mike said.

It turns out, Mike is far from alone. For more than two years, a YouTube user with the name "WVFights" has uploaded more than 40 fighting videos that have received almost 30,000 views.

A statement from YouTube given to KIMA indicates videos like this are against the rules. It says any video of kids fighting that gets flagged will be removed. YouTube was notified about the video and flagged it, but didn't remove it. It was given an age restriction requiring you to be at least 18 to watch it.

KIMA told YouTube the kids were minors. They asked for the link and removed the videos and the account all together.

The account has been suspended for severe violations of YouTube's policy on violence. Two years too late some might say. But, will it stop the fighting where kids like Mike get caught in the middle?

KIMA also wanted to know if anything's being done by the West Valley School District to stop the fighting. Administrators say they didn't know about the problem until this most recent video. They don't have jurisdiction over trouble off-campus. They can only report it to police.