'We lost one of our better known personalities'

YAKIMA, Wash. -- A former KIMA commentator has passed away from cancer. Bob DiPietro Senior was a commentator, baseball player and so much more.

He had a successful career playing for the San Francisco Seals and a season with Boston Red Sox where he shared a dugout with the legendary Ted Williams. Known as "Senior," he also worked as a play-by-play announcer in Portland. In the mid 60's, DiPietro worked in sales at KIMA. He eventually joined an ad agency with friends called Smith, Phillips & DiPietro Advertising and Public Relations in 1969. DiPietro was also known for his many years volunteering around the Yakima Valley.

"We lost one of our better known personalities," said Paul George a friend of DiPietro. "He was in radio, television entertainment. He did it, he did it all. It's really sad."

Bob DiPietro died of cancer he was 85 years old.