Washington women's earnings 76 percent of men's

SAN FRANCISCO -- Women in Washington earned only 76 percent of what men in the state did in 2012, according to a new federal report. That was lower than the national average of 80.9 percent and the 46th-lowest among the 50 states and the District of Columbia.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics released a report Friday showing that Washington women's median earnings in 2012 were $746 per week, while men had median weekly earnings of $982.

The report did note that the gap between men's and women's wages in Washington had decreased from the previous year. In 2011, Washington women made only 74.5 percent of what men earned.

Despite the gap in earnings, Washington ranked among the top states overall for men's and women's wages. 2012 median wages for women in the state were the 13th-highest in the nation, while men's wages were the 8th-highest.