Washington cusses the least in the US

SEATTLE -- This story had us talking around the newsroom today.

It seems curse words have no place in our conversations. Washington is at the top of the list, for cussing the least.

The Seattle Times reported a company studied more than a half-million phone calls to businesses over one-year.

These included conversations between customers and workers. They looked for how often people said please and thank you and how often they dropped an f-bomb.

Which seems awfully rude to do to a poor customer service person anyway!

The study found Washingtonians swore the least in the US.

So we had to ask you about it.

What happens when you say bad words?

Tyler Melvin, 4 years old, said, "I get timeout and get spankings sometimes.

Stacy McCorkle said, "When I was in the military I cursed a lot and now I quit, so it's good."

"It tells you a lot about family values around here," said Marcus Solo.

In case you're wondering which state has the worst mouths, Ohio.

They curse twice as much as we do.