Wapato man rescued, found uninjured in Yakima River

Wapato man found uninjured in Yakima River rescue

WAPATO, Wash. - A man is uninjured in a water rescue after he was stuck in the Yakima River near a diversion dam.

25-year-old Izacc Tuinei, of Wapato was swimming near the Century Landing boat launch when he was swept downstream.

Reports said Tuinei was able to climb onto a narrow ledge where he hung onto a pipe and called for help near the Wapato District diversion dam.

An Irrigation worker heard his calls several hours later and called for assistance around 7:56 a.m., Monday.

Yakima County Swift Water Rescue, the Yakima Fire Department and Yakima Training Center Technical Rescue responded with a PFD and an inflatable rescue raft which allowed Tunei to get to shore.

Responders said the victim was found tired but was not injured.

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