Waiting on a wheelchair

HARRAH, Wash. -- KIMA received your tips about a teenage boy from Harrah with Cerebral palsy.

He's been waiting nearly a full year for a new wheelchair that he desperately needs.

We took action for you, to see what could be done.

"Shane is like everyone else, he does everything we do, we play baseball together, we run him around the bases in his char, he swims with us in our pool, he does everything any other normal child does, he just has limitations, but we make sure that those are covered," said Tina Boyer, Shane's grandmother.

Shane Carey is starting his senior year at White Swan, where he's known as a star student.

"They love him, everyone in school loves him," said Boyer.

Shane's been in the same wheelchair since elementary school. With it nearly falling apart, his family tried to get him a new one.

Last November, Shane was fitted for a new wheelchair at Children's Village, and was told it would be here in 4 weeks. Yet ten months later, he's is still in a loaner with the headrest duct taped on.

"For someone that has to sit eight to ten hours a day in a chair that doesn't fit him, has got to be hard," said Boyer.

Tina Boyer, Shane's grandmother, says although their insurance approved the chair, it was held up at Medicaid, and were told it was just sitting in a warehouse.

After Tina reached out to KIMA, Action News started making calls to both United Seating and Mobility as well as Children's Village to find answers.

Initially they didn't want to speak with us, but after repeated calls, Shane's chair was rushed through.

He was fitted again just last week, with the same promise. A new chair in four weeks.

When KIMA dug for answers, we were told it's a long process of communication between your private insurance, the vendor, and Medicaid. Just one missing piece of information can bring the whole process to a stop.

So for now, Shane keeps waiting.

"Oh, huge, I mean he'll actually be able to spend his senior year with pride instead of sitting in an old broken down chair, and he'll be comfortable. Huh, don't you think dude, see he wants it too."

Health officials haven't been able to tell KIMA specifically why Shane's wheelchair has been taking so long.

KIMA will follow up to see if Shane gets his new chair this time around.