Wags to Riches goes beyond by helping rescue animals and serving people too

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YAKIMA Wash. -- A local nonprofit has been rescuing and adopting out cats and dogs for years now but they do more than help animals.

Rescue had been living on the streets for several weeks and was brought into the Wags to Riches shelter skinny and tired.

The volunteers at the shelter took him in and have been taking care of him and making sure he becomes an adoptable pet.

Juanda Krebs is one of the founders of Wags to Riches and she has dedicated the past nine years of her life rescuing animals just like Rescue.

“I like volunteering for Wags to Riches because I know that every day I am making a positive impact on somebody’s life,” said Krebs.

But they don’t only rescue animals, they help people too.

Wags to Riches has many programs such as the Senior Companion Program where they help elderly people to financially take care of their pets, and the kids’ education program where they teach children how to respect and be responsible with animals.

“We got paw prints printed out paw prints and we asked kids to promise to be kind to animals and if they promised to do that then we had them sign a paw print and they got to pick on this wall where they wanted to put their paw print,” said Krebs.

Wags to Riches is run by volunteers only who have taken their time to give back to the community.

They currently have around 60 volunteers and 33 fosters.

Wags to riches has rescued and adopted more than 2,000 animals since they were established and they say they will keep on helping animals one by one until there are none.

Volunteer for Wags to Riches Sharon Longmire says she wanted to do something good in the community and loving on innocent animals is what keeps her happy.

“It’s just a great fulfillment. It makes you feel good it makes your heart feel good it’s just a good feeling,” said Longmire.

Wags to Riches has been honored for their programs by the American Red Cross, the Police Department and the Greater Yakima Chamber of Commerce.

Krebs says they are proud of the work they are doing and hope to achieve much more in the near future.

“I think it’s our responsibility as members of the community to give back to the community and to do what we can to help others,” said Krebs.

If you want to donate or volunteer at the Wags to Riches Rescue Shelter you can go to their website by clicking here.

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