Voters decide Union Gap Mayor should lose his power

UNION GAP, Wash. -- Union Gap voters have decided to change their form of government from a strong mayor to a city manager. It's still a close raise with proposition one approved by 55 percent of the voters as of Tuesday night.

It means Mayor Jim Lemon would lose his power and become council member eight. Lemon will remain a council member for the remaining three years of his term.

Lemon is in the midst of a lawsuit filed by a former employee. Council Member Dan Olsen says Lemon was not right for the City. Lemon says all of the controversy caused him a lot of stress.

"Actually this takes a lot of burden off me," said Lemon. "This actually makes me pretty happy. I'm not sad whatsoever."

We did talk with council member Dan Olsen who says he's happy with the voters' decision.

The change of government will begin next year.