Violent Facebook page surges in popularity

YAKIMA, Wash. -- No rings. No referees. Just fists.

Violent videos on a Facebook site, associated with Central and Eastern Washington. We've hidden its name, so as not to promote it.

Said one Ellensburg resident, "I just think it's terrible. Nothing good for the youngsters."

I showed the videos to people on the street. Yakima's Tylonzo Fraizer couldn't believe his eyes. "I don't think Facebook should be promoting violence like this at all."

"They're promoting violence activity and potentially dangerous activity in an unsanctioned, uncontrolled environment," said Brad McDowell.

Though Facebook doesn't ban fighting videos outright, its Community Standards page does say "...graphic images shared for sadistic effect or to celebrate or glorify violence have no place on our site."

But the page has been active for six months. And is only growing in popularity.

KIMA is Taking Action for You and reported the page to Facebook.

We also contacted the Yakima Police Department. They said when it comes to law enforcement, there's not much they can do. YPD doesn't condone the behavior ,but also doesn't randomly investigate videos posted on the public domain, no matter how violent.

"Not unless we received a report on it and we've been able to identify an individual that was a victim of an assault," explained Capt. Rod Light. "Then certainly, that gives us something to look at and follow up on."

Capt. Light added that if police officers actually witness the fighting, they might intervene.

Leaving a dirty secret on full display.