Video from deadly SWAT team shooting near Selah goes viral

MOXEE, Wash. -- KIMA wasn't the only one that got a hold of the video from the deadly SWAT team shooting near Selah. Someone else who has a copy turns out to be involved in the Yakima County eavesdropping case.

Daniel Woolem made it no secret that he has a copy of the surveillance video from the police shooting near Selah. He posted all of it online. Woolem told KIMA he felt it was his duty to share the video.

Daniel Woolem said an unexpected note and memory card showed up at his door more than a week ago. The note said 'Danny, please get this out to people in the USA. Much love and respect.'

"I didn't even know what I was really looking at, at first until I recognized the trailer house on it," said Woolem.

Woolem said he has no idea who brought it to him and why. But he followed the instructions on the note and posted the unedited video on YouTube.

"Did you feel it was your duty to spread this around and let people see what happened?" KIMA asked.
"Yes I do because if I didn't, I didn't think anybody else would," said Woolem. "It would just get swept under the carpet like so many other things do."

KIMA also spoke with Jesse Humphrey's former stepmother after the shooting footage went public.

"We're livid," said Carla Vandiber. "We're beside ourselves. We've already contacted a lawyer and we're not done. It's far from over."

Carla Vandiber said she didn't know the video existed until KIMA contacted her last week.

"It shows that he had his hands over his ears when he pulled the trigger so both of his arms were in front of him," said Vandiber. "He wasn't reaching for anything when they shot him."

To get both sides, KIMA contacted the Yakima County Sheriff's Office. Deputies told KIMA they wanted to be cautious and make sure Humphrey wouldn't harm them.

"The one thing that I think this man could've done was simply just do what the officers were telling him to do and just don't move," said Yakima County Sheriff's Sergeant Mike Russell. "Just keep your hands where we could see them and don't move."

Humphrey's family now plans to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the law enforcement agencies involved in the shooting.

Deputies said they found a pistol on Humphrey and a rifle nearby after he was killed.