Verdict: Dylan Dixon Not Guilty

Attorneys are still calling witnesses in the Dylan Dixon murder trial

YAKIMA, WA -- The verdict is in and a jury found Dylan Dixon not guilty of second degree murder. The verdict came down Monday afternoon.

According to court papers, Dylan Dixon confronted John Barrett in front of The Neighborhood Health Depot on Yakima Avenue last year in November over a car Barrett was fixing that belonged to Dixon.

Police reports said Dixon shot at Barrett because he feared Barrett was going to hit him with a hammer.

During closing arguments, the Prosecuting attorney claimed that Dixon continually lied to police officers.

She also said that since he brought the gun to the argument he was the aggressor therefore he was not defending himself when he shot at Barrett.

“If he started it he doesn’t get to claim self-defense," said Prosecuting attorney Holai Hollbrook.

She also stated that witnesses testified that Barrett had already thrown the hammer to the floor when Dixon shot at him.

The Defense attorney argued that the Prosecuting attorney is trying to ignore the fact that Dixon was being threatened by Barrett when Barrett lifted the hammer.

At that point he says Dixon had the right to defend himself.

“Completely eliminating that scenario because they can’t rebut it," said Defense attorney Ulvar Klein.

He finally finished by saying Dixon shot at Barrett once and then fled the scene.

He said that when people try to kill someone they shoot several times not just once.

Dixon was found guilty of possession of a stolen firearm and carrying a concealed pistol.

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