Vehicular homicide suspect fights for lower bail, loses

YAKIMA COUNTY, Wash. -- There's no change in the bail for the woman accused of hitting and killing a man outside our television station earlier this month.

Nicole Fragoso's attorney wanted her bail cut to $50,000 from $250,000. She hoped to be sent to a sober living home instead of jail.

More than 40 members of Russell Bartlett's family were in the courtroom asking for her to stay right where she is. Bartlett's son urged the judge to keep the higher bail.

"Our family has suffered a great deal at miss Fragoso's expense," he said. "We do not wish for any other family to have to suffer at the hands of this woman."

The judge ruled Fragoso's criminal history makes her a danger to the community. Deputies say Fragoso was drunk when she hit Bartlett and fled the scene.