Vandals smash windows in Terrace Heights strip mall

YAKIMA COUNTY, Wash. -- A strip mall in Terrace Heights had a rough end to the year. All because of vandals.

Some windows were smashed by rocks on the 4100 block of Terrace Heights Drive. A realtor's office got hit. The vandals went inside, but didn't take anything.

Another rock went through an empty store. A nearby home wound up with eggs and rocks on the lawn.

Papa Baird's restaurant is at the damaged strip mall, but didn't have damage to its business. The owner reached out to KIMA, upset by what happened.

"Angry," said Shawna Hahn. "Very disturbed by it. Obviously, you know, we try to keep the building nice, in good shape. And, we try to keep the tenants happy. We want them to feel safe and this just kind of puts a damper on that. And, we want it taken care of. We want it resolved. We want this stopped."

No one has been arrested for the vandalism.