Vandals slash tires on more than 100 cars in Marysville

MARYSVILLE, Wash. -- Police in Marysville say vandals slashed tires on more than 140 vehicles in central Marysville early Friday.

With many people still waking up to start their day, police Commander Rob Lamoureux said the number of victims could increase as more damage is discovered.

Dean Vadset found two tires on his company van completely flat when he left his house near the intersection of 54th Avenue NE and 95th PL NE.

"I've got to go to work every day. Somebody walking through on a joyride or whatever decided to slice a path of destruction," he said.

Police officers who went through the area overnight left a business card on his windshield with a case number.

Vadset said it will likely cost several hundred dollars to cover the damage.

"(The vandals) went into the sidewall with a sharp, flat object, which means you can't patch the tires," he said. "You just have to buy all new tires."

Lamoureux said police do not have any suspects and he urged anyone with information to contact investigators.

"With the increased use of residential security cameras we are asking for folks to review their video footage for any suspicious activity that may have been captured," he said in a news released.