Vandals go crazy in Yakima neighborhood

YAKIMA, Wash.-- Only ten days into the new year and the city of Yakima already has dozens of cases of vandalism reported. Vandals went wild in a common graffiti neighborhood. They tagged cars and smashed windows on 18th and 19th Avenues between Bonnie Doon and West Arlington. To fix the damage has been expensive for neighbors.

"My ignition was messed up and stereo was worth like a thousand bucks," said Dinah Richeson who lives in the neighborhood.

"I think it's crap. I think people who are doing it should have to pay for it," said Dan Rawson who also lives in the neighborhood.

This neighborhood is one of Yakima's vandalism hot spots, according to YPD.

"I see it all the time. It happens a lot here," Rawson said.

Since October first, Yakima has had 518 reported acts of vandalism. 46 of those are from January so far. Some of the people in this neighborhood who got hit didn't file a police report because they don't think it does any good. YPD only took one report.

The 472 vandalism cases reported at the end of 2012 almost exactly match the 470 reported over the same period in 2011.