United States: Dennis Huston stole $141,925 in U.S. money before going to work for Franklin County

FRANKLIN COUNTY -- KEPR has learned Dennis Huston was convicted on a federal charge of willingly and knowingly stealing money from the United State before his employment with Franklin County.

They're a little hard to read legibly, but KEPR obtained the U.S. District Court documents from Montana where Huston was convicted in the late 80's. He received a four year prison sentence. Huston was released from federal parole in early 1991. Franklin County couldn't provide the exact date due to the seizure of computers as evidence, but says Huston has been employed wiht the county since 1991 as well.

Huston was arrested last week on charges of theft, money laundering and drug possession. Police say he confessed to taking taxpayer money, in part, to support a cocaine habit. The Franklin County Prosecutor says it's possible Huston stole more than $1,000,000 from taxpayers over a ten year period prior to his arrest.

He is currently being held on $500,000 bail in the Franklin County jail where he was seen as a flight risk.