Union Gap leads the way in school performance while other districts fall behind

YAKIMA COUNTY, Wash. -- More report cards are in for schools across the state.

There's not much to brag about for local districts.

They aren't making that much progress when it comes to getting students up to speed in reading and math.

Parents don't want to hear that their child's school isn't teaching students well enough.

Stephanie Flynn's son Colton will start kindergarten in Yakima soon.

Stephanie and her husband plan to make sure Colton gets a good education.

"It's just taking time to sit down and talk with them about what did you do today? Was it fun, did you learn anything new?," said Stephanie Flynn, a Yakima mother.

Statewide results show school districts here in the Yakima Valley don't have enough students where they should be in both math and reading.

In the Yakima School District, both white and Hispanic students are behind the targeted goals.

In both Sunnyside and West Valley, white students are above target in reading scores.

But it's not all bad.

Union Gap stands out and received the School of Distinction award for the second year in a row. It's among the top two percent of schools in the state for showing improvement.

"We're rigorous. We hold accountable. We have high expectations. We've had a lot of success with that especially over the last five years," said Principal Lisa Gredvig.

Gredvig says letting teachers be creative in the classroom has turned the school around the last five years.

And the results prove it. Union Gap exceeded the target goals for all students in both math and reading.

"All students are the same, I don't care what income bracket they're coming, they're walking into, all kids can learn and our kids are proving that," said Gredvig.

Lessons other districts in the Valley still need to figure out.

No one from the Yakima School District was able to give us a comment on the results Friday.

You can see the breakdown for all the districts and how they're doing at