Union Gap has the highest concentration of sex offenders

YAKIMA COUNTY, Wash. -- Getting to know your neighbors can help make everyone around you safer. Like it or not, there's a chance you live near a sex offender. KIMA found Union Gap once again has the highest concentration of offenders in Yakima County.

Tyler Hohmann lives in Union Gap. He's not a father, but has a four-year-old niece.

"As an uncle and as someone who is close to my friends who have kids and stuff, I feel like we as a community need to do everything in in our power to keep these people away from our children."

One way you can do it is by checking this registry on the Yakima County Sheriff's website. It identifies Level II and Level III sex offenders as well as child kidnappers who live in your city. KIMA crunched the numbers to find the places that have the highest concentration of sex offenders.

Topping the list -- Union Gap -- with one offender for every 606 people. Granger is second with one for every 825. Yakima is third with one offender for every 870 people. However, Yakima has the most offenders overall at 107.

"It's pretty scary."

Krystle Bailey lives in Yakima. She has three children younger than 10 years of age.

"I stay vigilant. I make sure I check people out."

Selah has the fourth-highest sex offender density with one for every 917 people. Zillah is the lowest on the list with only one sex offender in that city.

I reached out to Union Gap's police department to see if anything more is done to inform neighbors when a sex offender moves to town. No officer would talk to me.

The Yakima Police Department says it relies on the county to keep the registry updated and disseminate information through press releases.

All of that ultimately leaves it up to you to check the website. And, stay informed about who lives in your neighborhood.

State law prohibits the general public disclosure of information for Level I sex offenders. According to the Sheriff's Office website, there are currently 670 Level I offenders registered in Yakima County.

You can find more information on the addresses of Level II and II sex offenders living near you on the Yakima County sheriff's website.