Union Gap family loses home to fire

Structure Fire.PNG

YAKIMA, Wash. - Police are trying to determine what started a fire that damaged a Union Gap home.

Firefighters could see flames from the back of the 4001 S 3rd Street house around 5 a.m. Tuesday, according to Yakima Fire Department (YFD) crews.

Fire crews quickly extinguished the fire and searched the single-story home to make sure no one was inside. Crews remained on the scene for two hours to clean up and investigate.

Reports said all family members were able to leave the home and no one was injured. Responders checked one family member for smoke inhalation.

The American Red Cross is assisting the family, reports said.

YFD officials are reminding residents to have working smoke alarms in their homes as firefighters said no functioning smoke alarms were found inside this house.

Cooling weather can pose a risk to homes as people turn on their furnaces which can become dirty, fire officials said.

The cause of this fire remains unknown. Union Gap police are investigating this case.

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