Union Gap employees evacuate city hall for mold clean up

UNION GAP, Wash. -- Employees at Union Gap's City Hall are getting ready to move.

Mold has forced the city hall building to shut down. Starting next week the city's operations will be out of three different buildings. Most of the activity involving the public will be done out of the fire station. All the phones and computers will be connected.

Department directors will set up at the Youth Center. The mayor along with the rest of his staff will be in the building behind City Hall.

These moves are supposed to keep the employees as close as possible so people can still use City Hall parking. At the moment, the library won't be effected.

Cleanup could take anywhere from two-to-eight weeks to complete. Right now the city is focusing on finding a location for the municipal court. Court hearings for those in custody will be held in Wapato. Other hearings have been canceled until city leaders find a new location.

There's no word yet how much the cleanup will cost. An emergency council meeting is scheduled for Monday evening to work out the details of the cleanup.