Union Gap considering moving City Hall to county building

UNION GAP, Wash. -- Action News continues to follow the mold mess in Union Gap. The city now has a new option on the table.

Mayor Jim Lemon tells us county commissioners suggested moving City Hall and other city agencies affected by the mold to the Yakima Valley Community Restitution Center. The building sits vacant just behind the Valley Mall near the police department.

Lemon says county commissioners need help paying their dept obligation. He says it would be a win-win for the county and Union Gap.

"It looks like it's a good sized building and it sounds like the price is right," says Union Gap Mayor, Jim Lemon. "I mean it costs a lot of money to rebuild,"

Lemon says he will bring the proposal to the city council who will ultimately make the decision. The city also owns property near 3rd Avenue and Ahtanum Road.