Two female inmates accused of setting Wapato Jail on fire

WAPATO, Wash. -- Two women booked in the Wapato jail are now facing arson charges after police say the pair set the female housing unit on fire over the weekend.

Police say Annie Fa'alogo and Adriana Uribe lit a mattress on fire using pine sol and a lighter.

According to the arrest report, Uribe was the unit's "tank boss," and told the other inmates that if the jail caught fire they would all be released.

Police say the facility's 62 inmates, both men and women, were evacuated Saturday following a panic alarm and heavy smoke that filled the entire jail.

Investigators say the women inmates were choking, screaming and coughing as corrections officers responded.

Uribe allegedly gave Fa'alogo the lighter and instructed her to start the fire while threatening the other inmates to keep quiet, according to the probable cause statement.

Police say a blanket was hung over a bunk bed to hid what was going on from a security camera.

Uribe allegedly told the other women not to push a panic button located inside the jail as the fire began filling the cell with smoke.

Investigators say all ten of the women in the unit would have likely died in the fire had officers not responded quickly.