Tracy Culton tells KIMA she doesn't know who murdered Goggins

YAKIMA, Wash. -- In an exclusive interview, Tracy Culton tells KIMA she has stayed in Yakima since her release from jail. And, it hasn't been easy.

"A guy in a business suit spit in my face and called me a murderer," Culton said.

Culton stands out in a crowd. And, some have had no problem reminding her of the charges she once faced.

"They say to me I'm not renting to you, a murderer," Culton said.

Culton says she's no killer. Prosecutors agree. There's no evidence to tie her to the murders at Falcon Ridge.

Culton is no angel. She's got a history of drug use and theft convictions. Culton tells KIMA she's been clean for two years. Even she didn't think she'd get that far.

"I figure God must have me on the planet for some reason because otherwise they wouldn't have found me in my jail cell when I attempted suicide," Culton said.

She's trying to turn her life around. But, Culton hasn't been able to find a job or an apartment.

She grew up in a troubled childhood. Now, her three kids are being raised without their mom.

Culton feels compelled to now help those with a troubled past.

"I kind of feel like you know maybe God had me go do this jail time and me to be accused of this so I can reach out and touch kids that are, you know, going through the same thing," Culton said.

Even if it's hard to put the past behind her, Culton insists she had nothing to do with the murders of the Goggins. She admits being friends with Kevin Harper and his wife.

Harper was once the prime suspect in the case. He made a plea deal on lesser charges.

Culton can't say for sure that Harper was not involved.

REPORTER: "Tracy who do you think committed the Goggins' murder?

CULTON: "I don't know."

REPORTER: "Do you have any idea who was there that night?"


REPORTER: "Do you know anybody who would want to commit that murder?"


Tracy Culton believes the person who committed the murders was evil. But, she can't focus on that when she has to focus on herself.

She's staying clean, attending church and volunteering around town.

She hopes to get into a faith-based rehab facility. And, she looks to God for where to go from here.

"You know just kind of figuring well is today worth getting up and doing anything or do I just want to lay here and pray that I don't wake up," Culton said.

Culton says she's trying to get over the bitterness. She says she felt angry and depressed after her time in jail for a crime she didn't commit much of that was in isolation.

Kevin Harper made a plea deal on much lesser charges and is expected to receive a seven-year prison sentence.

Currently no one is on the hook for the brutal murder of the Goggin family. The case has gone cold.