Tow truck crashes on way to get stuck Walmart truck

WOODBURN, Ore. - A Walmart truck got stuck under an overpass - and the tow company owner's favorite truck lost brakes and crashed after being dispatched to tug the stuck truck loose.

Marion County Sheriff's Deputy Casey Burnham first responded to the stuck Walmart truck. As he wrote up his report on the stuck truck, the tow truck careened downhill without brakes.

Mickey Henson from M&M Towing in Woodburn already had one tow truck on scene. He was headed down to help in the owner's favorite rig: a 1988 Kenworth T600, fresh from a $20,000 restoration; 1.7 million miles in the truck since new.

Just before noon, the truck lost brakes on a hill in south Salem. Henson tried downshifting to slow the truck's momentum, to no avail.

The tow truck careened off the road - just above Deputy Burnham and the stuck trucker.

Burnham said he heard the truck crashing through the trees and was able to rapidly back out of the path of the truck. Both Burnham and a citizen involved in the earlier crash escaped injury, but the area was covered with truck debris from the crash, the sheriff's office said.

Another M&M Towing rig responded to retrieve the owner's prized tow truck. Henson - the owner - supervised towing his tow truck, which he fears is a total loss.

The sheriff's office said Henson and his passenger/employee, Raul Diosaado, 35, of Woodburn, sought treatment for minor injuries.