Toppenish student arrested with gun in backpack

TOPPENISH, Wash. -- Toppenish High School went into lockdown Wednesday morning. An incident had school officials taking extra precautions.

A 16-year-old student brought an unloaded gun to school. Administrators put the school on a brief lockdown and searched a few students.

"It's very important that each student feels secure, safe, and that the district and the staff at the high school have taken proper measures to keep them safe," said Toppenish School District Assistant Superintendent Jeanette Ozuna.

Police were tipped off about the gun by someone in the community. The suspect was arrested.

School officials said they don't know why the student brought a gun to school. No one was hurt and no threats were made.

Parents like Candy Arroyo said it was a scary situation. But she feels confident school staff can handle these types of incidents.

"It's scary because of all the stuff that you hear now going on in other states and all the stuff that has happened," she said.

Candy's son is a junior at the high school. She said he felt safe and remained calm.

"I was more in, what kind of a situation, how far has it escalated," said Candy.

Ozuna said school staff was surprised that particular student brought the gun.

"It's going to make them a little bit more vigilant and reach out to more of our at-risk students to ensure that their emotional well-being is in place," said Ozuna.

The student was expelled. Letters were sent home to parents to explain the situation.