Toppenish man has trouble signing up for state's insurance exchange

TOPPENISH, Wash. - There's more trouble signing up for Obamacare. A Toppenish man said he's tried for months, but hasn't gotten anywhere.

Robert Blahm has been trying to get health insurance for his wife for three months now. He's been trying to apply through Washington Healthplan Finder. He's tried to get the problem resolved in every way possible. But, he still hasn't had any luck.

Robert Blahm said he logs onto Washington Healthplan Finder every day. And he's been calling for months.

"It's very frustrating to someone to try to do something that's supposed to be there, that's supposed to be available to you and it just isn't," said Robert.

So far, there's been no solution. Robert spent weeks trying to sign up on his own before enlisting a broker for help. This is a free service. But the broker couldn't figure the problem out, either.

KIMA called Washington Healthplan Finder and gave them Robert's wife's information. They promised to look into it. KIMA got a response later that said they weren't able to verify her eligibility.

"I've heard on the news a lot of people were having trouble in the beginning and I'm surprised I'm still having problems two months later," said Robert.

Robert will need to speak with someone an account worker to move the application forward.

The Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic said their signups have gone relatively smoothly. Most take just 15 minutes and problem applications take no more than 45 minutes.

"Sometimes if we get a technical issue, we'll just go back in and re-try the application again. A lot of times it will let you go back in and re-do it," said Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic Customer Service Supervisor Gloria Knobe.

Robert hasn't found success in re-trying, but hopes he can get this resolved quickly.

"Hopefully nothing happens where we end up having to pay a lot of medical bills because I had no insurance," said Robert.

Washington Healthplan Finder suggests getting help from insurance brokers or a navigator if you're having problems.

Despite Robert's issues, Washington was one of the few states that had no major problems with sign-ups. Majority of people have been able to enroll. More than 320,000 have been able to enroll so far.

To find a navigator or insurance broker, you can visit the Washington Healthplan Finder site here. Hit "Customer Support" on the top right hand corner. Then choose "Find a Navigator" or "Find a Broker." Type in your zip code and select the language. Press "Search."