Top collision spots in Yakima

YAKIMA, Wash. -- Some intersections in Yakima don't need bad weather to be a hot spot for accidents. KIMA tracked down some of the top collision spots in town.

That's the sound of thousands of cars driving through these streets every day. And this is what one of the busiest intersections in Yakima looks like.

Shawn Eby travels through First Street and Nob Hill Boulevard often.

"I've come over the pass in my truck, and it's a one-ton truck," said Shawn. "It's hard to slow down when you've got cars slamming on the brakes."

Shawn says he was involved in an accident last year when a car cut him off and ran him off the road.

"My truck was destroyed because of somebody, and they did not stop, and they don't care," said Shawn.

A Corridor Safety Project was put into place to make the Nob Hill and First Street area safer: things like increasing the size of traffic signals and signs, as well as running extra patrols.

Here's a list of the top five collision spots in Yakima last year:

First Street and Washington Avenue topped the list with 37 accidents. 40th Avenue and Nob Hill and First Street and Nob Hill are tied for second with 23 accidents each. Next is First Street and Mead Avenue with 21. 16th and Lincoln Avenues is fifth with 19.

The list for top collision spots in 2012 was similar to last year's. First Street and Washington Avenue was first on the list again.

"I can drive down the road and see six out of 10 people texting, talking on their phone," said Shawn.

Yakima's Streets and Traffic Department looks at these accident spots to see if it can make any safety changes. Police said, a lot of the time, drivers aren't paying attention because they're texting or talking on their cell phones.

"If not give them tickets, give them a warning, and tell them next time you're gonna sure get one, because that is dangerous," said driver Bill McEntire.

Officials hope to add more turn lanes, but need to secure the funding first.