Toddler drowns in Yakima canal

YAKIMA, Wash. -- Action News is following up on the drowning of a Yakima toddler.

Deputies tell us the 18-month-old was likely playing with toys near the canal when he fell in. Rescuers spotted the toddler after seeing a toy ball floating in the water.

Rescue workers say they did everything they could, but the boy had already died when they arrived.Deputies tell us canal waters are just as dangerous as any other body of water.

The Yakima Sheriff's Office tells us it responds to at least one drowning each summer.

---YAKIMA SHERIFF'S NEWS RELEASE--- About 1pm on May 12, 2012, victim Tanner Morrison was with family and other children at his aunt's house. Tanner was within sight of adults during the time, but was out of sight for about one minute and was missing. Family members searched the area inside and outside of the house and surrounding houses. There is an irrigation canal that runs to the south of the house. Family called 911. Fire and law enforcement were dispatched to the scene. The arriving deputy first on scene walked east and south on the canal bank. East Valley Fire personnel joined him at Terrace Heights Drive and the search continued downstream. The child was found in the canal about 100 yards south of Terrace Heights Drive. EVFD personnel pulled the child out of the water and began CPR. The child was transported to memorial hospital in Yakima. The child did not survive.