'Tis the season to be snowing and plowing

YAKIMA, Wash. -- Cleanup crews in Yakima County hit the ground running as soon as the snow started to build up. That was at 4:00 a.m. A total of 15 plows worked to clear the snow and ice. Drivers like Pat Fitterer were glad to see them out there.

"I think they've done an excellent job," said Pat. "Obviously, the warm weather and the quick melting helped, but I know when I was getting up this morning, the roads were cleared."

West Valley, Selah, and Tampico got hit hard by the snow. Moxee and the Lower Valley didn't see much. In fact, some places only saw rain. Any mix made driving dangerous.

"With the combination of going too fast and if your tires aren't very good, then that's a hazard for not just yourself, but everybody else," said Pat.

Yakima County set aside $560,000 in the budget to pay for plowing and sanding during winter. Once the snow froze, the county started sanding. Drivers saw their share of accidents and close calls.

"People did a 360 right in front of me," said Pat. "Luckily I was far enough back and I just stayed back and let them slide in a circle."

Yakima County started using de-icing chemicals again once the roads got slick.