Time-out rooms for Ridgeview students

YAKIMA, Wash. -- Ridgeview Elementary School used this space when special education students needed to calm down.

"Sometimes when students become escalated, any kind of stimulation increases their escalations," said Executive Director of Special Education Services.

The Yakima School District called it a time-out room. Three classrooms had their own time-out rooms at Ridgeview. They're supposed to teach students to behave.

"It's helpful because the rest of the class can continue with that they need to do," said Nancy.

The district didn't take this lightly and put students there who got out of hand. In fact, parents had to give their o-k before their kids wound up in time-out. Kaari Kautzman supported it.

"I believe a teacher has a responsibility to manage their classroom and I feel like it's a good way to go," said Kaari.

An isolation room used in the Longview School District set off an investigation and raised concerns that kids were being mistreated. In Yakima, I found out every employee was trained to bring students to the rooms and watched them closely.

"They are teaching them appropriate behavior and so they are getting constant positive support throughout the day," said Nancy.

Nancy Byers said it's a good way to keep kids in school instead of sending them home. Grandparent Jim Franck thought it kept kids under control.

"It's fine if it help the kids," said Jim. "You know, if it isn't hurting the kids in any way, I'm all for it."

Yakima administrators were required to report their use of time-out to the state and federal government. All of it with a goal to build a better program for students.