'Tieton Stamp Mosiac' Project called off; money will be returned to initial donors

TIETON, Wash. -- After a long-standing campaign, where over $48,000 in donations and pledges were raised to transform the Tieton Post Office's facade into an artistic collection of glass tiles, the project was officially cancelled Tuesday.

"It's just inappropriate, basically, for us to do that, to accept such gifts; we operate and maintain our own facilities," said Ernie Swanson, U.S.P.S. communications field contact, in a phone interview Tuesday. "Nothing's changed since last week."

What's changed is that Mighty Tieton and Tieton Mosaics will now contact donors who gave checks and cash to the project and refund their contributions. For those who donated on the Kickstarter website, there's an option to rescind the pledge.

If the campaign had reached its goal by the Aug. 3 deadline, then Kickstarter would have charged everyone who had initially pledged a donation; however, because Mighty Tieton proactively asked several donors, who gave large amounts of money, to rescind their contributions, the Tieton Mosaic Project will no longer reach its fundraising goal -- no one will be charged for their donation pledges and the project will not move forward.

"It's disappointing, but we'll have plenty of other projects to work on," said Ed Marquand, co-founder of Mighty Tieton and one of the organizers behind the Tieton Stamp Mosaic Project.

Though the Tieton Post Office will not receive a makeover, the town of Tieton will still get their decorated signs. There is a scheduled unveiling of the city artwork, still planned for Aug.22.

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