Tieton Stamp Mosaic Project off to a strong start

TIETON, Wash. -- Less than a week after revealing big fundraising goals for the Tieton Stamp Mosaic Project, over $11,000 have already been donated. If the project is able to raise $48,000 by August 3, the front of the Tieton U.S. Post Office will be transformed to what organizers hope will be a historical monument.

This project is a large part of Mighty Tieton's effort to revitalize a small, agricultral town.

"Having something that we can all gather around here that honors the history of the community, supports the businesses of the community, I mean, it's just a terrific project," said Lucas Spivey, Tieton Mosaic Project Manager.

Donations will go towards prepping the building, buying colored sheet glass and other tools and materials, laying out the mosaic in the Mighty Tieton Warehouse, and hiring a professional installation crew. One third of the budget will go toward materials, one third toward the artisan labor, and one third toward professional installation and trim detailing.

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