Tieton is building a new bike park to help local businesses

TIETON, Wash. -- Tieton is digging to better times. It was the goal for dozens of volunteers in the middle of Tieton.

"I think the community will rise up and do other things together since more people are working together to do this," said volunteer Cole Ketchum.

Change is what the town wants to see. Stan Hall, the mayor of Tieton hopes building a new bike park will help draw more people to town.

"There isn't much here and at one time it was a thriving city," said Stan. "It's gone down in the last 35 to 40 years."

He said attracting people to spend money in Tieton will help businesses flourish again.

A walking trail has already been put into place at the park. That's on top of a bike trail complete with runs and jumps. Tieton has spent $5,000 on the project so far.

"If you had these people to be hired to do this, there would be a tremendous expense and you're building this for the community and the kids so it makes it worth it," said volunteer Jeff Ketchum.

Guests will be able to attend the park for free. But the city may start charging a parking fee next year to uphold their costs.

There's also plans to build a picnic area at the park next year.

"We're kind of end of the road so you have to have a reason to come here and this is a good reason," said Stan.

A reason that has led this group of volunteers to believe Tieton will thrive again. The bike park is expected to be completed by the end of the summer.